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Artist : Yuko NAKAJIMA


2017 Based in Berlin

2014 Working under Eiichiro Sakata

2011 graduated from Nihon University, majoring in art photography 1988 Born in Tokyo, JAPAN


Trinity-place, community and spirituality-

inkjet printing with Baryta and Screen film

Through this work I explore the various “distances” that lurk under the surface between people.

The distances that exist in the background of oneself and others, the religion, faith, society, community, history, and identity; The sort of distance that suddenly can become shorter or longer depending on the situation: always expanding and contracting. For example, the japanese word “Itadakimasu”( means thank you for the food) makes me feel close to nature and sometimes my Japanese identity.

However, when it comes to the japanese word “Shinkou” (means religious faith), it rather leaves me in a place far away. I sometimes feel distances from being lonely and even discrimination because I live outside of Japan, but on the other hand, I sometimes also feel close to Christian customs in Germany from my experience of attending a Protestant kindergarten.

The human brain tends to think in binaries. White or black; east or west; right or left. Why do people instantly categorize things into a binary when the “distance” between people should be more complex and diverse? In order to find this hidden third existence I interweave and overlap the various distances that exist between people and I try to create a “space” that can not be polarized and always in between and changing, a trinity instead of a binary.

The Trinity usually means Father, Son and Holy Ghost. These were reinterpreted to mean Place, Community, and Spirituality. I aimed to have “swayed time and space” among my photography and spectators.


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