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Katharina Siegel

Casting Out 1.jpg

The series ‘Casting Out’ (2019 - 2020) features analog images from the families archive.


Each image shows family members whose faces are covered with an object that makes them unrecognisable. The series is influenced by the personal relationships within the artists family. Closeness, companionship and conflict are part of the series. The taste of each food represents one family member the artists connects to the food. Come and see more at ‘The Art of September’ from the 30th of June until August 2020.

Casting Out 3.jpg
Casting Out 2.jpg
Casting Out 4.jpg

Katharina Siegel


Katharina Siegel (29.07.1993, Frankfurt am Main, Germany) is a Visual Artist that mainly focuses on the medium of photography. She currently lives and works in Amsterdam. Katharina has studied Sociology and after that she studied Graphic Design. Right now she is graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam in Photography. Her works focus on questions of identity, intimacy and the contemplation of the inner world. Hiding, concealing and masking are central topics within Katharina's work, which can be seen as an attempt to turn the inner world to the outside and make it become visible. Her works have been exhibited in Amsterdam, Tokyo, Paris and Frankfurt.


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