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Artist : Karin Shikata


I moved to Berlin in 2016 because my favorite photographer is Wolfgang Tillmans.

I am inspired by the musicians and dancers whom I met in Berlin.

I am taking many photographs while traveling around Europe like a balloon and going back and forth between Berlin and Japan. I held various exhibitions in not only in Berlin, but also in Paris, Amsterdam and others.

Since December 2018, I became a director and curator of a gallery "THE ART OF SEPTEMBER" in Amsterdam.

Instagram @karinkamera


I want to be blurred and faded

Photoprints with acryl

Melancholic feeling, pleasant loneliness and silent darkness within myself.

When I am photographing, I feel blue a bit more than usual, and watch the world with despair.

I prefer "komorebi”, shining light of midsummer.

I love creating my works by looking at the patterns drawn by the fluctuations of water surface at lake and the sand art made by the waves at beach.

Since I am not too bright, I can capture the light that slightly reflects the melted snow in winter.

My works are created by light not only from myself but also from the surroundings.

I do not think it is beautiful to see clear pictures always.

I want to be blurred and faded.


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