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Artist : Tokio Okada


Tokio Okada


1991 Born in Japan

2015 Photographers assistant at GO SEES STUDIO

2017 Moved to Berlin and started working as a freelance photographer


I met a beautiful soul last winter.

Fortunately, I had opportunities to share a lot of amazing and sweet moments with her.

She was the music

She was the color

She was the smell

She was the taste

She was the warmth

But it didn’t last long.

The last things we shared were two cups of rose tea. The taste of our last kiss was rose and honey but without flavor.

The best way to love her was by just letting her go and wishing her all the best.

I have regretted and learned so many things, that made me much stronger, more open and got me ready to spread my emotions through my photography to the world today.


I was always scared of telling my past and my deep emotions because I never had the confidence to show my dark side. I was so blinded to see people around because I didn’t have the courage and was afraid of showing my weaknesses. I was avoiding or didn’t listen to those dark parts of me, described by other people. But I was misunderstanding that I only needed to show my bright side to the world. Which is an important fact but not enough to get more connected with more people and also as an artist who express oneself. This was something I was missing and I needed to mature. I think I had to go to that place to get this one.


This is the story of one of the best times I had with the beauty who opened my new gates not only as a man but also as a photographer.

With appreciation and respect.


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