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Artist : hommy

Botanical collage artist

Graduated from Musashino Art University in 2012, I relocated to London in 2016 and now based in Berlin since 2018.

Inspired and fascinated through the beauty of plants and after years of observing the hidden world they bring, I started creating my artwork through plants .

While working as a gardener and designer, it led to the creation of a wide variety of products from handmade accessories, glass boxes to a range of aroma wax sachets.

This is my first exhibition using plants from its’ natural form combined with plants disposed of commercially and creating my botanical collage.

Instagram @studio_hommy


Printed photos / Pressed plants

Plants represent time from the past to the future, and shapes represent the heart.

Both nature and myself gradually change quality and color over time.

Real plants fade and decay, and digitally printed photos of plants also change the color of the ink little by little over time.

These changing plants were deposited in three shapes that image tenderness, balance and discipline.


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