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Artist : Hiroaki Onuma

Hiroaki Onuma

I am a fusion chef. I named my practices “to paint as a fusion chef”, because I have been interested in combining different images and styles into my work these several years.

My painting is similar with California Roll which is a new style of Sushi mixed with Japanese and American, there is no border.

I have been working to make delicious and enjoyable dishes by using brushes and paints. It would be a sheer pleasure if people who are not interested in paintings feel happy and have a great time to see my works. In addition, I would like to invite more and more people to the world of art which enrich their personal life.

Hiroaki Onuma

Instagram @hiroaki_onuma


2018 Group Exhibition “Pacific Breeze”, White Conduit Project, London

Solo Exhibition “101 Monsters”, Fujii Build., Hiroshima

Group Exhibition “SALON NIPPON” , Het Garage, Amsterdam

2017 Group Exhibition “What Now”, Candid Arts Trust, London,

2016 Duo Exhibition “PaintinGo”, White conduit Project, London


"Colourful monsters"

The works in the exhibition have made since 2017. 

He got inspired by spectacular nature, animals and design in Netherlands. 

He is interested in combination of the colours and trys to give life to his monsters by gentle touch of outline.

Hope you enjoy fresh colours and his own imaginative monsters.


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