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Artist : Asami Motozuka

Born in Japan.

Lives in Berlin since 2018.

An artist.

She produces works in various ways. Mainly Installation using ready-made products, 3Dworks, drawing, painting, photography and collage. Since 2016, She is also producing art books.

The theme of recent work creation is "copy" and "invalidation of essence”.

Instagram @asaru_works


Colour copy

Canvas, acylic paint

I think that the definition of an original picture is sometimes ambiguous.

What is the definition of an original picture of a digital picture?

If an artist adds a line to a printed image, can it be defined as an original picture, for example?

These series of works are produced on the theme of “a border between original and copy”.

The concept is “Myself becoming a printer and print pictures”rather than “drawing pictures”.

While these are the original pictures, these are the reproductions too.


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