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Artist : Karin Shikata



After performing at Takarazuka Revue for 5 years, I studied photography & art direction in Japan and London to shift my career as a photographer.

I moved to Berlin in 2016.

I have been dispatching my own unique concepts of the world through many photography exhibitions not only in Japan but also in Singapore, London, Berlin, and Paris.


flotsam and jetsam

I walked along the coast of the Baltic Sea in autumn. A flock of migratory birds were flying in the sky, while a swan was on the beach alone. *I wonder if he got stranded from the flock or no longer kept up with his fellows due to injury*. I felt the strength of living alone rather than loneliness from the swan.

I like the quietly insane feeling of the Baltic Sea. There were many moments when I felt the fear of the sea.

Flotsam and Jetsam had washed up on the sandy beach after drifting in the Baltic Sea. So much here had “suffered

a sea -change into something rich and strange– something that looked like contemporary art.

Garbage and nature had merged into art over time. I photographed their strength and beauty, living against the raging waves.


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